Card & Staked DEC Rentals

While this may come a bit later than the rest of the features in this document, we would like to allow for players to rent cards and rent staked DEC to be used on their land plots. Until such a system is released, only cards and DEC directly owned by players will be able to be used on land.
In order for card rentals to work on land, the card owner will need to indicate if they wish to make their card rentals available for land or not at the time they are listed. If a player rents a card that is available for land, the land plot on which it will be working should be specified in the rental transaction and it will be immediately “staked” on that plot.
When renting a card to be used as a worker on a land plot, the renter must pay for an extra 3 days on top of the normal rental price to cover the 3 day cooldown that occurs when a card is removed from a land plot. If the card owner cancels the rental then the extra 3 day fee is refunded to the renter, but otherwise it is paid out to the card owner when the rental ends (either when it expires or is cancelled by the renter).
We are also hoping to add a system for renting out DEC to be used for the DEC requirements on land, and more details on that will be available as it gets closer to release.