Clearing Plots

Before any buildings are built or any production can start, land plots need to first be cleared. Clearing the land is a construction project that the worker cards assigned to the land plot will perform just like building construction and upgrades will be in phase 2. Plots with Castles or Keeps will not need to be cleared, and production can begin right away on these plots.
Clearing plots, as with all construction projects, will require a certain number of Production Points (PP) to complete. The time required to complete a construction project will simply be the total PP required divided by the PP generated per hour by the worker cards. As a reminder, production boosts do not count towards construction projects, so only the base production of the workers will be counted.
Higher rarity land plots and magical/occupied plots will require more PP to clear. The number of Production Points required to clear different types of land plots are shown in the following table:
Natural (PP)
Magical (PP)
Occupied (PP)
Using the numbers above in conjunction with the PP contribution examples for different sets of worker cards we can calculate how long clearing different types of land plots will take with various different worker cards.
In the first example, the 5 cards working on the land plot generated 29,500 base PP per hour (boosts do not apply to construction projects) so that means that it would take those cards ~71 hours to clear an Epic, Natural land plot: 2.1M PP to clear / 29,500 PP per hour = 71.19 hours (~3 days).
In the second example, the 5 cards working on the land plot generated 5,000 base PP per hour, which means that it would take those cards 420 hours to clear the same Epic, Natural land plot used in the calculation above: 2.1M PP to clear / 5000 PP per hour = 420 hours (17.5 days).
Once again, the older / rarer cards will clear plots significantly faster than more common, newer cards, and will be necessary to clear the higher rarity magical and occupied land plots in a reasonable amount of time. Please keep in mind that cards can be moved between land plots with a 3-day "travel" time, so it is possible for a small group of high production cards to be used to clear multiple land plots by moving them around, though it will be much slower than having more of those cards available to clear plots in parallel.
Please keep in mind that Grain will also be required for workers to be able to clear land plots. Initially, players will need to purchase Grain in order to be able to clear their plots, but after some plots have been cleared then those plots can be used to farm Grain in order to allow more plots to be cleared.
Alternatively, players may choose to use Time Crystal tokens to reduce (either partially or completely) the amount of PP needed to clear their land plot, in which case less or no Grain will be needed. Please see the Time Crystals section for more details.