While workers on land will be producing resources constantly over time, the resources will not be made available in a player's account until they are Harvested. Harvesting is very similar to claiming staking rewards for things like SPS. Players will submit an operation to the Hive blockchain indicating they wish to harvest their production, and the system will calculate the amount of resources they have earned since the last harvest and credit their account.
Harvesting may be done on a plot by plot basis, or it may also be done at the region level which will harvest the resources from all of the current player's plots within that region simultaneously. Harvesting can be done as often as once per hour, or as little as once a week. In future phases, storage requirements will limit how long players can wait between harvests, but for phase 1.5 an artificial limitation of 7 days will be placed on harvesting. This means that any resources not harvested within 7 days will be lost.
When harvesting, the algorithm will look at the amount of PP per hour generated by the plot(s) being harvested and multiply that by the number of total hours since the last time that plot was harvested. Then that will be used to determine the amount of the specific resource produced from that plot over the time period based on the individual formulas for each resource (see the Worker Options section for the particular resource for more details).
Next, the harvesting algorithm will look at whether or not the player has enough DEC tokens staked in the region and enough Grain in the region to cover the power and food requirements for the workers. If the player does not have enough DEC staked, then the harvest output will be reduced proportionally. For example, if the player has 75% of the total amount of staked DEC that is required, then the harvest output will be reduced by 25%.
The same check will be done also for Grain, however players will have a setting that they can enable that can auto-purchase additional Grain for DEC at the base price (1 DEC per Grain) if enough liquid DEC is available in the player's account. If the player has this setting disabled or does not have enough liquid DEC in their account, then the harvest output will be reduced proportionally. Please note that when harvesting from multiple plots at the same time, plots producing Grain will automatically be harvested first so that the Grain harvested can be used to cover the food requirements for the other plots, if necessary.
The harvesting algorithm will also determine whether the player has discovered any Totem Fragments. For more information, please see the Totem Fragments section below.


Any time a change is made to a plot that affects the amount of PP generation per hour of that plot (staking / unstaking cards, totems, titles, etc) then a harvest will be triggered for that plot automatically. Similarly, if the total amount of DEC staked by the player in a particular region changes then a harvest will be automatically triggered for all of that player's plots in that region. This is necessary to ensure that the PP per hour generated by each plot remains the same for the entire harvest period, so any changes will trigger a harvest and begin a new harvest period going forward.