Farming Grain

The first task that can be performed in phase 1.5 is farming. Farming will produce Grain tokens over time which can then be used to feed workers performing other tasks or sold on the internal or third-party markets. The Grain token that will be produced starting in land phase 1.5 will be the same token that is planned to be used in phase 2 and beyond, and will be a critical component of the Praetorian economy.
Grain will be produced at a rate of 0.02 per PP per hour. In the first production points example above, the workers on the plot contributed 92,925 PP / hour, which means that if they are tasked with producing Grain then they would produce 1,858.5 Grain tokens every hour (92,925 * 0.02).
Keep in mind that the workers farming Grain also need to consume food themselves, and in this case they will just consume a portion of the food that they farm. The amount of Grain consumption is based on the base production rate (not including any boosts), and in the above example, the base production rate is 29,500, which means that the workers will consume 295 Grain per hour (29,500 * 0.01). Then we can factor in the 10% production tax (see the Taxes section for more details) of 185.85 Grain per hour (10% of 1,858.5) and we get a total net Grain production rate of 1,377.65 Grain / hour (1,858.5 - 295 - 185.85).
In the second Production Points example, the total PP of the plot was 6,050 which means that that plot would produce 121 Grain per hour. The base production of the workers was 5,500 which means they would also consume 55 Grain / hour. after the 10% tax of 12.1 Grain / hour (see the Taxes section for more details) the total net Grain production rate will be 53.9 Grain / hour.
Players may notice that Grain is a relatively inefficient food source for the workers, as without significant boosts the workers consume around half of the Grain they produce. This is intentional, and in phase 2 we plan to introduce the ability to refine Grain with Essences specific to each element in order to create much more efficient sources of food for the workers. In phase 1.5, however, Grain will be all that is available.
There will also be no concept of "storage" in phase 1.5, so players may accumulate as much Grain as they wish in each Region. Storage is planned to be introduced in phase 2.