Mining SPS

With the release of land phase 1.5, the SPS reward pool allocated to land will no longer be automatically given out just for holding land as it is currently. Instead, players may choose to task their workers on certain land plots to mining SPS tokens in order to earn from the pool.
This will work very similarly to the existing staked SPS rewards, however instead of the amount of staked SPS determining your percentage of the reward pool that you receive, it will be determined based on the amount of Production Points you have being put towards SPS mining on your land plots as compared to everyone else who is mining SPS on their land.
For example, if a player is producing 1% of the total PP generated by all land plots that are mining SPS during a period of time, then they will receive 1% of the total SPS reward pool for land during that period. The amount received will also be subject to the 10% resource production tax (see the Taxes section for more details). Players will receive their SPS directly staked to their account any time that a Harvest is performed in any region in which they own land plots that are mining SPS.
As a reminder, the SPS reward pool available for land is 6.25M per month, reducing at a rate of 1% each month. The land reward pool began in October of last year, which means that if land phase 1.5 is released in June of this year then the SPS reward pool will begin at roughly 5.77M SPS per month.
Finally, we want to note that the above will be subject to the approval of the staked SPS token holders via a DAO governance vote as indicated in the original proposal to begin SPS reward payouts for land holders.