Secret of Praetoria Research

Last, but certainly not least, players will have the option to assign workers the task of researching the Secret of Praetoria! Workers assigned this task will study the mysterious island of Praetoria and work towards unlocking the grand secret which has long been rumored to be hidden there.

Unlocking the secret will require a monumental construction project that will be worked on jointly by all land owners in each of the seven Territories that make up Praetoria, and will provide huge benefits (likely including airdrops as well as ongoing benefits) to those who contribute to the project in direct proportion to their level of contribution.

The full project will not begin until land phase 2 is released, but in the meantime players can begin the research to get a head start in phase 1.5. All research contributed in phase 1.5 will carry over to phase 2 and beyond and count towards the rewards that players receive when the secret is eventually unlocked.

For every 10,000 PP generated towards the research task, players will receive one Research token (name is subject to change), minus 10% which will be deducted for taxes (see the Taxes section for more details). These tokens will be non-transferrable and will be associated with the Territory in which the research was performed. In phase 1.5 these tokens will simply accumulate in players' accounts, and once phase 2 is released they will be able to be applied towards unlocking the first stages of the Secret of Praetoria construction project in the Territory.

There are additional benefits to earning Research tokens in phase 1.5 beyond just getting a head start in phase 2, however. Players can compete in phase 1.5 to earn the most Research tokens in their Territory or overall in order to earn the Magister, Overseer, and Vonarch "prefix" titles that will be added into the game, and which will grant significant benefits (in addition to serious bragging rights) to their holders! Please see the Prefix Titles section for more details.

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