Staking DEC

A Power Source is necessary to maintain the manifestations summoned through the use of cards. It can be thought of as a type of generator, and like all generators, it needs fuel in order to function. In this case the fuel will be Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), however the fuel will not be burned, instead it just has to be available for the Power Source to use - in other words, it needs to be staked. Please note that only DEC tokens may be staked and not DEC-B. DEC-B may only be used in places where DEC is spent and burned.
The amount of DEC that is necessary to be staked in order to power the worker cards will be 10,000 (10k) per max-level card. Cards that are below max level will require less staked DEC to power in proportion to their BCX as compared to the max BCX for that type of card.
For example, a 200 BCX Chaos Legion Common card will require 5k DEC to be staked since it has half of the max BCX for that type of card (400). Similarly, a 3 BCX Gold Foil Beta Legendary card will require 7.5k DEC to be staked since it has 3/4 of the max BCX for that type of card (4). Please note that overcombined cards (cards with more BCX than the max) will not require extra DEC to be staked nor will they provide extra production.
The foil, rarity, or edition of the card will not affect the amount of DEC that is needed to be staked in order to power them, even though those attributes may provide significant production bonuses (see the Production Points section).
DEC can be staked and unstaked at any time, and both operations take effect instantly. DEC staking is handled on a Region basis for each player, so you do not need to manage your DEC for each individual plot separately for plots within the same region. Please note that each player who has plots within a region will need to stake their own DEC in that region and their staked DEC will only affect their plots and not plots owned by other players in the region.
When harvesting, the amount of DEC staked in the Region will be compared with the total amount needed based on the worker cards on each plot the current player controls in that region during the period since the last harvest. If not enough DEC is staked in the region, then the production of all resources from all plots owned by the current player in the region will be reduced accordingly.
For example, if a player has 10 plots within a region, and they have 5 max level cards working on each of the plots, then they would require at least 500k DEC to be staked in total in that region (10 plots * 5 max level cards per plot * 10k DEC per max level card). If the player only has 400k DEC staked in the region then their production output on all plots within the region would be 80% (400k/500k) of the normal total.
Please note that staking or unstaking DEC in a Region will trigger a Harvest for all of the player's land plots within that Region. Please see the Harvesting section for more details.