Staking Cards

Manifestations summoned through the use of Splinterlands cards will be the land “workers” that construct buildings and produce resources. In phase 1.5, a maximum of 5 cards will be able to be assigned to each land plot as workers (unless otherwise specified), and certain cards will be more or less productive than other cards (see the Production Points section for more details).
With the land expansion we will be introducing the concept of “staking” cards and other NFTs. This is separate, but related, to the “locking” feature that already exists for cards in the game. In order to stake cards, they must first be locked, with the exception of soulbound cards which are effectively locked.
Once they are locked (or soulbound) they will be able to be staked onto a particular plot of land. At this point those cards will no longer be able to be delegated, rented, unlocked, or used in battles until they are unstaked from their land plot. Please note that as a result of this SPS governance proposal, soulbound cards will NOT be able to be staked on land unless a certain amount of DEC (and/or VOUCHER tokens) are paid to "manifest" the cards.
Staking cards to a land plot will take effect immediately, however when cards are removed from a land plot it will take 3 days before the card becomes available to be unlocked, delegated, rented, used in battles, or reassigned again to a land plot. Cards will stop producing on land immediately when they are unstaked, so they will not contribute during the 3-day unstaking process, and new cards can be put in their spot immediately as well.