The exploration companies are preparing to launch expeditions deep into the wilds of Praetoria and survey the land. Soon, battle mages will discover more details about the plots they own.

Players holding PLOT, TRACT, or REGION tokens will first need to redeem those tokens for unsurveyed land deed NFTs which they can then convert into surveyed land deed NFTs through the surveying process.

It is expected that, by the end of Q1 2023, player-owned land will be able to be surveyed, revealing the following information about each land plot and updating the attributes and visual representation of the land deed accordingly.

Terrain Type

Each plot of land will be one of the 14 different terrain types listed below. The terrain type will determine which elements of worker cards gain bonuses or penalties to production on that plot, and what type of natural or magical resources may be present.

The number of plots of each different terrain type are expected to be roughly equal across the 150k total player-owned land plots within Praetoria, however each Region will have one dominant terrain type which comprises the majority of plots in that region as well as a few other terrain types which will be represented as well. The terrain types present in each Region will be based roughly on the actual type of terrain shown at that Region's location on the map.

  • Badlands

  • Bog

  • Caldera

  • Canyon

  • Desert

  • Forest

  • Hills

  • Jungle

  • Lake

  • Mountain

  • Plains

  • River

  • Swamp

  • Tundra


Each plot will also be one of four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary (with the exception of plots containing a Castle or Keep, more details on that below). The higher the rarity of the plot, the more resources it contains, and the higher the production rate of the worker cards on that plot when producing resources.

Resource Type

Each plot will also have one of three different resource types - Natural, Magical, or Occupied. In phase 1.5, the different types of resources will not yet be available, so each of these types of plots will be able to produce the same resources, however Magical and Occupied plots will receive special bonuses. Please see the Magical & Occupied Land section for more details.

Castles & Keeps

Exactly one plot within each tract (100 plots, 10 per region) will contain either a Castle or Keep building. Unlike other buildings, these buildings do not need to be constructed by the player, and will be already present on the land plots that contain them upon surveying. 9 out of the 10 plots in each region will contain a Keep building, and 1 out of the 10 plots will contain a Castle building.

These special buildings act as the hubs for commerce and magic within each region and tract, and their owners will be able to collect various taxes and fees from the production and other activity that occurs within the rest of the tract and region. For more details about how Castle & Keep buildings will work in phase 1.5, please see the Castles & Keeps section of this document.

Probabilities & Guarantees

The probability of each rarity and type of land plot occurring when surveying land is shown in the table below. The maximum number of deeds that can be surveyed in a single transaction is 100, and if 100 deeds are surveyed at the same time then players will be guaranteed to receive at least the amount of plots of each rarity and type shown in the table below.

Please note that the rarity and types may overlap. For example when surveying 100 plots in a single transaction a player may receive a Legendary rarity plot which is also has a type of Magical. This would count for both the guaranteed Legendary and one of the 12 guaranteed Magical plots.

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