In addition to a Power Source, manifestations summoned through the use of cards will also need food to remain corporeal and contribute Production Points toward resource production or construction projects. In phase 1.5, the only food available will be the Grain resource. Grain can be obtained by having land workers farm it from a plot, purchasing it from other players on the internal or third-party marketplaces, or purchasing it from local merchants at a price of 1 DEC per Grain (this price is purposely much higher than what is expected on the markets and is meant to be either a last resort, or a way to get a head start for a higher cost).

Workers will consume Grain at a rate of 0.01 Grain per base production point they provide per hour. For example, a max level Chaos Legion Common card produces 1,000 PP / hour, which means it must consume 10 Grain / hour. Similarly, a max-level Gold Foil Beta Legendary produces 50,000 PP / hour, which means it consumes 500 Grain / hour. Production boosts such as land rarity, totems, titles, etc. will not affect the Grain consumption of the workers.

If not enough Grain is available when harvesting resources, then additional Grain can be auto-purchased from the market or the local merchants if enough liquid DEC is available in the player’s account (based on a player-enabled setting), or the amount of resources harvested will be reduced proportionally based on the amount of Grain available as compared to the amount needed.

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