Many years ago, the kingdoms, empires, nations, and peoples of the Splinterlands set sail for the newly revealed continent of Praetoria in search of glory and riches. Among them were three bold and intrepid exploration companies that sold claims to the land they would discover in order to fund their extremely costly and dangerous expeditions.
This allowed players the opportunity to purchase three different types of claim tokens: PLOT, TRACT, and REGION. PLOT tokens are a claim to a single plot of land, TRACT tokens are a claim to 100 plots of land that are guaranteed to be together within the same tract, and REGION tokens are a claim to 1,000 land plots all guaranteed to be together in a single one of the 150 player-owned regions in Praetoria. These tokens are transferrable cryptocurrency tokens managed by the Splinterlands game platform and recorded on the Hive blockchain. They have been traded, bought, and sold over the past couple of years on various different platforms, with some selling for extraordinary sums of money.
Much time has passed since those initial expeditions. During the intervening years, the exploration companies successfully mapped 150 regions of land scattered across Praetoria, dividing them into tracts and plots.
Thus, in December 2022, players were able to redeem their claim tokens for unsurveyed Land Deeds.

Land Claiming Process

Claiming land in Praetoria requires you to convert your existing REGION, TRACT or PLOT tokens into Unsurveyed Deeds. Claiming a region will yield 1,000 consecutive plots all contained in a single region, claiming a tract will yield 100 consecutive plots all contained in a single tract, and claiming a plot will, of course, claim a single plot.
Land claim redemption will start with region 001 in the Pristine Northwest (PNW) region of the map and will continue in consecutive order with region 002 next, then 003, etc., through region 150.
When a REGION token is redeemed the algorithm will find the first completely empty region - one where no tracts or plots have been claimed - and mark it as claimed, generating 1,000 deeds in the process. When a TRACT token is redeemed, the algorithm will do a similar operation but instead find the first completely empty tract, marking all 100 plots claimed and generating deeds for them. Finally, when a PLOT token is redeemed then the algorithm will find and assign a deed for the first available plot.
Multiples of the same type of token may be redeemed in a single transaction. For example, if a player claims 50 PLOT tokens in a single transaction, then the next 50 available plot deeds will be assigned to them. If there are 50 plots available in the same tract and region, then the player’s plots will all be together, however if only say 20 plots are left in the first region, then the first 20 deeds will be in that region and the next 30 will be in the next available region, which may be many regions away depending upon how many regions have been claimed in full via REGION token redemptions.
The land claim redemption screen will indicate which region, tract, and plot are the next available for claiming. This will help players anticipate where their claims will be on the map before they are redeemed, however it is not guaranteed as many players may submit redemptions at the same time and they will be processed in the order that they appear on the blockchain.