Totem Fragments

As mentioned in the original post about Totems from way back in December of 2020:
Scholars expect that there are around 30,000 - 50,000 additional Totems still scattered across the lands which may be discovered over time by the new land owners as they work the land to mine and harvest resources. Based on the age of the Totems and the level of volcanic and seismic activity in the area, many Totems may be buried deep underground and they expect it will take years for all of the remaining Totems to be discovered.
Players will begin to find fragments of these lost Totems with the land phase 1.5 release in the normal course of producing resources on their land plots. Fragments will have the typical four rarities, and multiple of the same rarity will need to be combined together to create a full Totem which will be equivalent to the other Totems that players already have. Totem Fragments will be treated as tokens and can be transferred, bought, sold, and traded just like the full Totems can be currently.
In phase 1.5, the chance of finding a Totem Fragment will be 0.0007% per 1,000 base PP per hour (PP boosts do not improve the chances of finding Totem Fragments). This means that a plot with 6,000 base PP per hour will have roughly a 0.1% chance of finding a Fragment every day. Assuming 100k land plots are actively being worked with an average of 6,000 base PP per hour, that comes to roughly 100 Totem Fragments discovered per day, on average.
This is a very slow rate on purpose, as the chances of finding fragments will increase considerably in phase 2 as land can be built out much more and we want to ensure that the 30 - 50k additional Totems mentioned in the above post still take a number of years to be fully discovered. Players will receive any Totem Fragments found on their land plots during the harvesting process.
Once a Totem fragment is found, the percent chance of it being a particular rarity and the number of each rarity of fragment required to combine together to create a full Totem are shown in the following table:
Fragment Rarity
% Chance
Fragments Needed
There are also a few ways to boost your chances of finding Totem Fragments, and of finding higher rarity Totem Fragments. Alpha, Beta, Untamed, and Gold Foil cards naturally provide higher chances of finding Fragments since they provide significantly more PP than their newer / regular foil counterparts (see the table in the Production Points section for more details).
Additionally, plots with a Castle building will have a 10x chance of finding a Totem Fragment and 3x the chances of the fragment being Legendary, Epic, or Rare than a regular plot, and plots with a Keep building will have 3x chance of finding a Totem Fragment and 1.5x the chances of the fragment being Legendary, Epic, or Rare than a regular plot.