Land Deeds

Ownership of the player-owned land plots is signified by a land deed. Each land deed is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT maintained by the Splinterlands game platform and recorded on the Hive blockchain. These deeds can be transferred, bought, sold, and traded between players and may also be able to be bridged to other platforms to be traded there. Land deeds can be obtained by purchasing them from other players or claiming them using land claim tokens (please see the Claiming section for more details).
Each land deed NFT will be differentiated not just by a unique ID, but also by various different attributes of the land that it represents. First and foremost is the location of the land within Praetoria. The location consists of the following attributes:
  • Territory (ex. Shimmering Coasts)
  • Region (ex. 138 - Shadowvale)
  • Tract (ex. 2)
  • Plot (ex. 36)
Land deeds can also be in an unsurveyed or surveyed state. In an unsurveyed state, only the location information is known about the land plot. Soon, players will be able to send out exploration parties to the location of their land plots to survey them which will unlock much more detailed information about the land. Once a land plot is surveyed then the deed NFT will be updated to a "surveyed" state and all of the additional information about the land plot it represents will be shown. Please see the Surveying section for more details about this process and the additional information it unlocks.
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