Power Sources

In the arena, Battle Mages channel mana to summon and maintain manifestations through the use of battle cards. On land, however, the Battle Mage cannot be constantly present to ensure the manifestations receive the necessary power to “fuel” their existence. Thus, a Power Source is necessary to keep the manifested workers in physical form (and capable of working) while the Battle Mage is away.
One Power Source will be needed for each plot on which workers are assigned, and, in phase 1.5, Power Sources will be available to be purchased by burning 5,000 DEC or DEC-B tokens. Power Sources will be available to use immediately after purchase.
A Power Source will be an additional perk included with the “Building in a Box” land starter package that will be available for purchase while surveying land deeds, so any plots for which that package has been purchased will come with a Power Source already on it and one will not need to be purchased separately.
Additionally, the Runi Core that is present in all Runi cards can also act as a Power Source, so any plot that has a Runi as one of the workers will not need a separate Power Source. If a plot has both a Runi and a Power Source then it will allow for a sixth card to work on the plot. For more information about the many benefits that Runi provide on land, please see the Runi section of this document.